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Choose Custom Picture Painting For Special Items

Some artwork is standard size and will fit easily into a stock mat and frame from an art supply or discount store. It will look presentable for not much money. But, other pieces are odd sizes, have great emotional value, or are of a price and quality that deserves the best framing possible. Custom Picture Framing can be very expensive or it can be quite affordable. Custom frame shops that rely on large volume for their business can offer more affordable prices for that custom look.

The Advantages Of Custom Picture Framing

Custom Picture Framing offers more choices in mat color and width, frame style and color, and can accommodate any size or shape of artwork. Some very wonderful pieces of artwork present a challenge for framers. They are an odd size or have thick texture or a deep canvas frame. Some paintings benefit from having breathing space between them and a frame. Some artwork or photographs will be subject to yellowing, fading, or damage from UV rays if they are not protected with acid-free mats and UV-resistant glass. Family photographs are one example. Pastel or charcoal drawings are another example.

The Right Choices

Custom choices in matting and framing can bring out the beauty of a painting, or they can undermine the painting’s quality. Matting and framing choices make a huge difference in the final outcome. A small painting with a wide mat and important-looking frame can gain stature. A strong, colorful painting may show best with a simple frame. Mat color choices are important. White is not always best. Seeing a painting with three or four different mat color choices can be a real eye-opener.

Glass or Acrylic Protection

Some paintings need to be protected by glass or acrylic sheets, while others are fine without them. Acrylic and oil paintings are often finished with layers of protective finishes so they are protected but the brush strokes and texture are not covered. Some artwork looks better with glare-proof glass and others need regular glass to look their best. A professional framer can guide the artwork owner to make the best choices. For additional framing information, visit the website.